Choose from a variety of options, from a solo, singer-songwriter styled show, to a low-volume, yet enthusiastic duo with Mad Dog on the harmonica, to the full blues rockin’Jenn Cleary Band. House parties to festivals. Let us know what you have going and we can discuss the best fit.

“Saturday night was HUGE! The Jenn Cleary Band brought the exuberance to 28th Street . They also brought a pretty big crowd. It was great! Once again, the house was dancing, going nuts for the solos by Mad Dog on the harp. Cleary’s vocals are loud and, well, clear (OK, I’m clearly (ha!) having a bit too much fun with my own wordplay this week). Comparisons have been made between her and Bonnie and Janis (do we really need last names here?). Fair enough, but she is her own musician, with a joyful presence and style that is infectious and attracting. The place was packed and the audience was genuinely appreciative and elated. The Jenn Cleary Band will be back, and probably a lot.”
Honey Sepeda Boulders Home Of The Blues
The Outlook Hotel

“You certainly proved that you can fill the place. You are always welcome back!” Steve Shenk, propietor, Redfish New Orleans Brewhouse

On KBCO this morning (6/21/07), Brett asked Clint Hurdle of the Colorado Rockies who he thinks are currently great local bands.. He gave a short list that included Jenn Cleary! Clint is known to play the Breakin’ Loose CD in the Club house at Coors Field.

*Booking rates vary according to the type of project, number of musicians and location.

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